Sheila Elias
Artist Statement

My work is about the layers of life and art history, seeking in it a connection between art aesthetics and social consciousness. American sensibilities have influenced my life, the hues of my country found in the colors of my art. I like to bring an awareness of new directions and individual inventiveness. The evolution of technology has always paralleled my work throughout its development. From the original copy machine to today’s iPad, the influence of electronics permeates my process. Through life experience, I incorporate visual, emotional, and psychological impressions and feed them into my art.

My art, whether it is photography, sculpture, or paintings, has always been a visual interpretation of my internal landscape, which is significantly influenced by external landscapes. Therefore, this collection of work is an indirect reflection of my colorful, turbulent home, Miami. Miami, where multi-cultural history and the future clash on a daily basis, is a luminous kaleidoscope of raw, sincere emotions and harsh realities; urban tension mixed with profound beauty, compassion and optimism. Evidence of this interpretation can be found in the canvases of “iPaint on my iPad”.

~ Sheila Elias


Sheila Elias’s mid-career publication, Somewhere-Anywhere, in conjunction with Nova Southeastern University, traces the evolution of Elias’ art and vision through abstraction and figuration, object and performance, pop and expressionism. With a foreword by distinguished, New York artist-critic Robert C. Morgan, Somewhere-Anywhere features the history of Elias’s art as interpreted by noted Los Angeles critic, curator, and historian Peter Frank, who has followed Elias’s work for almost three decades.


Preview an excerpt of the book, Somewhere-Anywhere [PDF] >

“Sheila Elias is an artist’s artist – a painter, printmaker, sculptor, photographer,
and champion of mixed media, whose pint-sized physical presence belies the
Promethean energy she pours into and lavishes upon every single composition.”
– Denise Most Gerson, Lowe Art Museum


Miami Based multimedia artist, Sheila Elias, demonstrates how an artist can use digital technology to create vibrant contemporary pieces using Apps on an IPad. Sheila’s work is often layered, “Portraying harsh realities tempered with gentle optimism and beauty.” Take a look:

credit: art loft WBPT2