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“Older than Jesus” – A Bakehouse Art Complex Exhibition

“Younger Than Jesus” is the first edition of the “The Generational,” the New Museum’s new signature triennial, fifty artists from twenty-five countries were presented. The only exhibition of its kind in the United States, “The Generational: Younger than Jesus” offered a rich, intricate, multidisciplinary exploration of the work being produced by a new generation of artists born after 1076. Known to demographers, marketers, sociologists and pundits variously as the Millennials, Generation.

The Bakehouse Art Complex now entering its 30th year has been a spot for older artists, now exploring and emerging in their own right. Our show “Older than Jesus” will be focusing on artists that did not have it all figured out as teenagers, artists that took time and explored other careers or just needed some extra time to ripen. Each artist will be at least 34 years old with a few doubling that, showing that Generation X, Y and Z’s view are still valid.

Curated by Justin Long as part of their Second Friday Series. It opened November 21, 2015. Sheila was a part of an artists’ panel at the Bakehouse Art Complex closing off the exhibition on January 8, 2016.

Sheila Elias META exhibition










META – “Forces of Nature Bounce and Flow” March-April 2015

The event features a multi-media art exhibition that highlights the visual and performance artistry of Judy Sayfie, Elaine Defibaugh, Sheila Elias and Hattie Mae Williams. The event will also include a panel discussion on the transformational value of art. This event is the second of a four-part META series— a free monthly cultural event designed to engage the South Florida community with unique and transformative art experiences.















Sonic Silence II: “Nature, Destruction, Civilization”

Pre-Art Basel Exhibition at Sheila Elias Studio, 2014
Exhibition curated by Roberta Gonella

“Moody, apocalyptic, prophetic Sheila Elias’s groundbreaking show is a continuum of her “Sonic Silence” started in 2004.

Her combination of large-scale photo-murals digitally applied imagery surrounds the viewer in an enveloping mystery. Where are we humans in these deceptive beautiful haunting photos of Miami’s iconic hotels blowing up?

It is a society in turmoil amid a fading landscape of the nature that once was there .One of Miami’s most forward thinking and talented artists is the only artist of today that is taking on what is really happening to Miami (it may be a warning of what our future holds).

I advise the lover of art to see this show for it is an important show not only historically but for the sheer force of an artist at her best.”

~ Roberta Gonella

Read full article here (ArtDistricts).


“Cosmic Connections” Exhibition at the Concept Contemporary Art Fair

December 2nd, 2014

Sheila Elias exhibited at the Cosmic Connections exhibition at the Contemporary art fair “Concept” Aboard Seafair in Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami.

Sheila’s “Wonder” piece was freshly printed in high definition on metal take viewers to a new realm of colors and complexity.









Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds Miami Women’s Division Hosts: Sheila Elias “Looking for Lilith”

Art Career Retrospective Pre-Art Basel Event
Thursday, November 14, 2013
Elias Studio

“Looking for Lilith”
Sheila Elias showcases various parts of the female psyche through affects of the media. This retrospective invites the viewer to experience power, struggle, exultation, and determination, all characterized through distinctly feminine personalities. Executed with grace, the exhibition focuses on challenging male superiority, not through negativity, but through the celebration of women.



“iPaint on my iPad” Lincoln Park Apple Store

April 9, 2014

Rosenthal Fine Art, Chicago

April 11, 2014



“Mi Casa” fundraising event at Elias Studio

September 13th, 2014

A delightful evening that showcased Sheila Elias’ Art that emphasized independent women. Music, silent auction, supper, and testimonies from extra-ordinary women proceeded to benefit the Girlfriends 4 Girlfriends Housing project for formerly homeless and abused women and children.



“Through the Looking Glass”
Photography Exhibition

Come witness BlinkGroup’s newest exhibition “Through the Looking Glass” during the weeks of February 17 – March 16, 2014. Opening  Reception will be held February 21, 2014.

Every human experience is shaped differently by our perceptions, and how we see or experience the environment we live in. Artists of all talents have viewed subjects with a unique vision throughout history. With new technology, and through the lens of their camera, these Fine Arts Photographers have captured an array of intriguing moments that have captivated us. These images expose the hidden beauty in our modern world.

Look through someone else’s eyes and explore the meaning behind “Through the Looking Glass” with a diverse selection of photography by Shelia Elias, Andres Pruna, Claude Charlier, Geoffrey Baris, Manuel Mazzanti, and Mariano Costa Peuser.



February 27, 2014
Following the Santa Monica Apple Store event, the California Heritage Museum will
host a reception and exhibition of the “iPaint on my iPad” series.



Sheila Elias exhibiting at Art Basel in Hong Kong

May 22 – 26 

Rhona Hoffman Gallery

Apple Store event at Causeway Bay May 23rd.


Sheila Elias:
“20 Shades of Grey”

thru July 26th
Zadok Gallery, Wynwood
2534 N Miami, Ave
Miami, FL33127
“Conceptually strong and visually challenging.” ~ John Coppola
Miami Herald 6/9/2013



Sheila Elias: “3 Faces of Miami”

January thru May, 2013



Conrad Miami

1395 Brickell Ave
Miami, FL 33131
Conrad Miami invites you to its 3rd annual Art Unveiling event, an exclusive exhibition of three famous local artists of different genres.















Sheila Elias: “Material Possessions”

Pre Art Basel ~ Elias Studio
December 3 – February 28, 2013













Sheila Elias: “Grey Area”

The Whitney Studio, NYC
October, 2012




Sheila Elias “Techne Revelation”  –  iPaint on my iPad Series

Mayson Gallery, NYC
October 18 – November 11, 2012
Curatorial: Roberta Gonella




Sheila’s Secret Garden Series

Showing at Silvana’s in Switzerland
May 5 – June 17, 2012

Discover the Gardens of the Chateau of Vullierens on the Occasion of the 57th Annual Flower Show



Silvana Facchini Gallery presents: Sheila Elias
“Three Women – Three Languages – Three Passions”

April 14 – June 23, 2012
1929 NW 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33136



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